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As we all know that Autumn tournament will come soon (at 11.05-11.06 and 11.12-11.13 days plus 11.19 day)
I would like to offer a new system for tournament. Tournament system
We all know that tournaments for low rank is not so fun so we have to focus on highter ranks players.

+This system is only for members and minimum 14 participants;
+Every participant could have more fights (was minimum 2);
+Fight for 3rd place;

- Takes more time;

For every win gets 1 point (if result 2-1 then 2 point goes for the winner and 1 for looser)
Fights till 2 wins, every win gives 1 point and if loose - 0;
If die both - repeat fight and no point to anyone;
After all fights count wins, if the same value and same points then:
֍ If 2 players: then fight till 1 win
֍ If 3 players: then 1-2,1-3,2-3 till 1 win

The highest 2 scorers of each group goes to semifinal where fights till 2 wins

About main rules: the same as was before

What is your opinion?

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